An installer carefully places a strip of hardwood flooring

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floor installation starts with preparing the area, which means removing furniture and other objects that are in the way. Keep in mind that for hardwood floors, your new flooring has to have a chance to get used to the humidity levels and indoor temperatures in your Southlake home before it can be installed. Our flooring experts will make sure that the area is prepared, then get to work putting each piece of your new flooring in place. Afterward, you might need to stay off it for a little while until the adhesives have had a chance to settle in place.

Carpet Installation

Carpet installation involves getting the space ready for your new carpeting. Furniture and other items will need to be moved to a different area during installation. Our team will remove your old carpet and make sure that the subfloor is prepared for your brand new carpeting. When it’s ready, we will get your new carpeting properly installed and ensure that it fits the area perfectly. If needed, we will remove trim or molding that is in the way, so that we can install your carpet smoothly and with minimal inconvenience to you.

Ceramic and Tile Installation

Ceramic and tile installation for floors requires careful preparation to make sure that these materials will lay smoothly. This means ensuring that the subfloor or surface is as level as possible and also free of debris. Our flooring experts will tiler tiling the floortake care of installing each ceramic or porcelain tile piece and putting grout between these pieces. This installation process typically takes more time than laminate and other flooring materials, since the tiles have to be installed individually and the spaces between have to be filled with grout.

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate floor installation is among the easiest types of flooring installation to do. This process involves moving furniture and other items out of the way and removing old flooring if needed. However, laminate can sometimes be installed over pre-existing floor surfaces. When the area is ready, our expert installers will carefully place your new laminate flooring down and make sure that it fits properly. In order to do this, we might need to remove baseboard and molding, which reduces the risk of damage to these pieces. After installation, you might need to avoid walking on your new floor in order to let the adhesives on it set.

Granite and Stone Installation

Granite and stone floor installation is a more complicated type of installation than laminate and other materials. It involves preparing the area for installation, which means clearing it out and cleaning the subfloor. If needed, the subfloor might need to be sanded to make sure that it is level. The installation process for stone and granite floors involves carefully placing each part of the floor down and filling in the spaces between with grout.

Countertop Installation

Countertop installation varies regarding how long the process takes, depending on the type of material you are having installed and the layout of your kitchen or bathroom. For example, installing one or two longer countertop pieces will usually not take as long as having to install several smaller countertop pieces of varying sizes. Our installers will take care of cutting countertop pieces to accommodate cook tops, drop-in sinks and other features that are in your kitchen or bathroom.

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