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Hardwood Flooring FAQs

How can I find out the cost of different types of hardwood flooring materials?

Give Premier Floors a call, and we will set up a consultation with you. During this consultation, we will go over your budget and let you know the typical costs of different hardwood floors.

Will my hardwood floors warp?

Hardwood floors are affected by moisture and humidity levels in your home. High levels or moisture that is directly on your floors can cause them to warp or crack. Proper installation and quick cleanups for spills helps prevent this from occurring.

Why are hardwood floors different colors?

Depending on the type of hardwood floor you choose, you can expect there to be some variations in color. Some types have higher amounts of contrast than others. If you prefer a more uniform look, ask us about hardwood types that have less color variation.

Can hardwood flooring be installed in areas with a lot of foot traffic?

Yes, hardwood floors can go in areas that have a lot of activity throughout the day. Keep in mind that you will want to go with a more durable type of hardwood in this case, which we can recommend.

Can my bathroom have a hardwood floor?

While it is possible to install hardwood floors in bathrooms, we do not recommend this. Bathrooms have high moisture levels, which can damage your floor. We can recommend more suitable types of flooring materials for your bathroom instead.

How should I care for my hardwood floor?

We will provide you with information on caring for and maintaining your hardwood floor based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and our experience with these types of floors.

How can I prevent scratches?

Use pads on the bottom of chair legs and other furniture to prevent them from scratching your new floor. If you need to move a heavier piece of furniture, ask others to help you lift it rather than sliding it across the floor.

Laminate Floors FAQ

How can I find pricing information on laminate floors?

Contact Premier Floors to schedule a consultation so that we can provide you with pricing information for this type of floor. The cost will vary depending on the size you need and other factors.

Can laminate floors go anywhere?

Installing laminate flooring. Carpenter lining parquet boards Laminate floors are highly versatile, making them a good choice for any part of your home. These floors can be installed in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, as well as below grade areas, such as finished basements.

Do I need an underlayment for my laminate floor?

The underlayment is an important part of your new floor. This layer helps protect your laminate floor from moisture, and it also helps dampen sound.

How should I care for my laminate floor?

Laminate floors are easy to care for to keep them in excellent condition. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with a slightly damp mop are generally all that you need to keep your floor shiny and clean.

Should I polish my laminate floor?

You do not have to polish or wax your laminate floor to help it maintain its shine. Just clean it on a regular basis to prevent dirt and grime from building up on its surface.

Do you have more questions about flooring products or installation?

Contact Premier Floors to learn more about our carpeting and other flooring products, as well as our flooring installation services. You can also ask us about our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services and our countertop products and installation services.