Which Hardwood Option Makes Sense for My Floors?

Wood floors with phrase What Hardwood Makes Sense For My Floors?

Natural flooring options never go out of style, and there’s been a recent resurgence of hardwood flooring in new homes and remodeling. From rustic to contemporary, there are sturdy and long-wearing wooden floors that will fit the look and feel of nearly every home. However, the variety of options available can make it a bit confusing — shiny or dull finishes, the width of the planks, reclaimed wood, maple or oak or pine — the list may seem endless if you’re not familiar with this beautiful flooring choice. See which hardwood option makes sense for your floors with this quick guide.

Select Your Wood

Start with the overall look of your room or home. Is it stately and refined, relaxed and rustic, or open and contemporary? Ensuring that your hardwood flooring choice meshes well with other design selections will create a pleasing flow of energy throughout your home. The National Wood Flooring Association predicts that lighter floors and low-luster finishes would be hot. Here are the best options for each design look:

  • Stately and refined rooms: A darker wood such as mahogany, walnut, or ebonized wood give a polished finish to your space. Walnut floors are highly durable and resist damage from light. Darker hickory shades are another great option in this color scheme.
  • Relaxed or rustic: Playrooms, children’s rooms, living room — these are all areas where a reclaimed wood may be an excellent choice. The variation in colors provides a comfortable feel to the room that invites relaxation. Reclaimed oak or pine, in particular, have unique knots that catch the eye. Oak lends a feeling of warmth to rooms with beige or deep golden tones.
  • Airy and contemporary: Lighter woods such as maple or ash contribute a different look than the darker woods, and can either bring light to darker rooms or reinforce the feeling of openness inherent in more contemporary rooms. Maple shades run the gamut from creamy white to light golden, with a smooth and uniform texture.

Plank Width and Finish

Another important consideration is the width of the planks that you select and the finish you add to your flooring. Choose a low-sheen finish or light gray tones in a wide plank for added interest, or go more traditional with standard-length planks and traditional widths for a “wood floor” look that is very familiar. There is also a growing trend to select a hardwood floor option that includes varying width, a sure eye-catcher for your guests. Since solid wood floors are so long lasting — from 50 to over 100 years — be sure to select something that you will enjoy for the long term.

Hardwood floors can add a great deal of enjoyment to your home for generations. However, it’s essential to select a trusted installation partner to avoid common problems such as warping and wear by getting advice on which type of hardwood floor is best for your particular needs. Ready to get started? Contact Premier Floors today at 817-442-9828 for a free estimate.


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