New carpet in a beautiful living room

Carpeting Types & Styles

Carpet Types

When it comes to choosing new carpeting, there are many different types to consider. The type that will work best in your home depends on certain factors, such as how much foot traffic you normally have in the room where your carpet will be installed and whether you have pets or children in the house. At Premier Floors, we offer the following types:

  • Stain resistant: These carpets are ideal for homes with children and pets, since they are easy to clean when spills or accidents occur.
  • Wear resistant: These durable carpets are a good option for areas that have a lot of foot traffic, such as living rooms and hallways.
  • Wear & stain resistant: These carpets provide optimal protection from wear and tear and stains.

Carpet Styles

There are several carpet styles to choose from at Premier Floors. We offer the following:

  • Loop: These textured carpets are available in level loops, uneven loops, patterned loops and cut and loop styles.
  • Pattern: Patterned carpets add visual appeal to your floors and are available in a wide range of designs and colors.
  • Texture: These carpets can add a warm, inviting look to any room.
  • Frieze (twist): These carpets have a textured appearance that holds up well to pressure from footprints and vacuum cleaners.

Carpet Trends & Inspirations

Color Trends

carpet color samples flooring storeColor trends for carpets change over the years. Our experts will show you the latest color trends when you’re ready to choose new carpeting.

Design Trends

Design trends in carpeting also change over time. When you come to Premier Floors for new carpets, our experts will go over recent design trends to help you choose the ideal carpeting for your home.

Bedroom and Family Room Inspiration

When you need new carpets for bedrooms or a family room, our experts will show you examples of how different colors and styles can impact these rooms. These can serve as sources of inspiration to help you choose your new carpeting for these areas.

Carpet Installation

At the Store

When you come into our store to choose carpeting for your home, we encourage you to ask any questions you have. These might include what kinds of carpeting would work best in your home based on your interior color scheme and decor, the pros and cons of different materials and how much certain materials and styles cost. Our carpeting experts will be readyhome house improvement new carpet to assist you in selecting the right carpet for your home.

Preparing for Installation

Our experts will handle the process of installing your new carpeting. We will move your furniture before the carpet install, free of charge. Keep in mind that we will need to install your new carpet in an empty room, so we just ask that you box up any small items. This helps ensure that we are able to install your carpeting more efficiently.

During Installation

During the installation process, our experts will carefully put your new carpet in place and firmly secure it, so you won’t have to worry about edges coming up from the floor and creating tripping hazards. Our experts follow strict standards and guidelines to make sure that all carpets are installed the right way.

After Installation and Care and Maintenance of Your Carpet

When we are done installing your carpet, we will go over care and maintenance for it. This will vary depending on the type of material you have. Our experts will provide you with all of the information you need in order to keep your new carpeting in excellent condition over the years.

If you’re ready to get started on choosing new carpeting for your Southlake home, please contact Premier Floors today to schedule a consultation.