Choosing the Right Material for your Countertops

Different samples of countertop materials

Your kitchen countertops will have a significant impact on the look, feel, and even the usability of your home. Part of the decision-making process should be to consider just how much work you are willing to do to maintain your counters. A sturdy and durable granite that is sealed might be a better choice for an active and growing family than easily stained marble. That same marble will be the ultimate elegant touch for the kitchen belonging to a gourmet pair of empty-nesters, though. Beyond your lifestyle and family dynamic, here’s what to consider when you choose a countertop.

Color Range

What palette did you use for your kitchen cabinetry and fixtures? You may find that one type of stone or countertop fits your chosen color scheme and overall look and feel the best. Reviewing both the available colors and the overall style and feel of your options will help you zero in on a combination that you love and will enjoy seeing morning after morning and meal after meal.


Your budget will depend on a variety of factors, and your countertops will take up a significant portion of that budget. If you don’t have a massive amount of counter space, then splurging on the best materials will allow you to get something that truly enhances your space and that you’ll love. Some materials are more affordable than others, so looking at the options in your price range can help narrow down your options.

The Material Itself

Do you want human-made materials like quartz or cement or do you prefer more natural materials like marble or granite? While each of these stones or materials perform well, they are each crafted or sourced differently, so if you are concerned about where the components in your kitchen come from, this is worth considering as well.


Love the grained, textured surfaces of a rich and homey granite – or the stylish and smooth appeal of natural, elegant marble? You may find you gravitate more towards one type of texture over the others, or that the overall feel of your kitchen requires a textured or a perfectly smooth countertop choice.


Rounded, beveled or other edges? It may seem like a minor detail, but virtually every horizontal workspace in your kitchen will be impacted. You may find you prefer one look over the rest; depending on your material choice, one type of edging may be recommended over others

Taking these factors into account as you plan your kitchen and begin to choose your materials and create the upgrade of your dreams for your home. You don’t have to make these decisions alone; our design team is here to help every step of the way.

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